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Hey! I’m Garry, a 19 year old student from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. 

I take my camera everywhere, waiting for that special moment to occur in my day to day life as a student/musician so i can capture it in my own way.

I shoot in 35mm film usually with my trusty Olympus OM20, i love the mechanical nature of film, getting that one chance to capture something. I find the unpredictability and excitement of developing your film after those 24 short exposures extremely satisfying, the perfect shots and the beautiful accidents collaborate into something really special. I also use an Olympus OM10 and a Nikon V1 for digital.

I hope you like what you see and this post interests you enough to check out my blog! it’s incredibly uplifting when people enjoy my photo’s as I’m sure many of you know, any comments on my work from all aspects would be much appreciated too!

Thank you for your time! Enjoy!

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